The name's Noah Puckerman and I'm 21. My mother's one of the Leaders which gives me a lot of advantages in this new world.

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First Meeting || Puckleberry 

Puck liked riling up that Berry girl. She reacted to every little thing he said and he knew that he’d have fun making her do things that she thought she didn’t want. But her body would probably love everything he did. Slowly, he made his way over to the holdings to pick her up after having requested her for seven days. Puck knew that Marley had been the last one to rquest her and that she hadn’t liked it very much and that meant that she probably wouldn’t like very much what he would do to her. On a certain level he could understand her reluctance to do something that went against everything she thought appropriate. She’d have to understand, though, that the world had changed and there was nothing she could do to change her role in the new world order.

He could see the holdings and was glad that he didn’t need to stay there. The privilege of privacy he had was amazing even though the building he had chosen was not the best. It had only taken a bit of work to make it possible to live there and Puck was sure that she’d like it better than the holdings. Rachel would only have to deal with him there and not with other recruits. Entering the holdings, he quickly found her. It wasn’t very hard to do considering her small figure and the dark long hair. She was fucking hot and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on that tight little body.

Making his way over to her, he could see her eyes widen slightly as she bit her lower lip softly. He could practically feel her apprehension and his lips formed a small smirk at that. Apparently, Marley had done a good job of scaring the girl and even though Puck thought that Marley probably was in the right, he hated that he’d have to deal with her resulting stubbornness. Stopping in front of her, he said in a husky voice, “Hello, baby. We’re gonna have so much fun.” With that he grabbed her elbow and started to lead her out of the holdings.

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    If Puck could, he’d stay inside her forever because she just felt fucking amazing around him. He caught her small sigh...
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    All thoughts and concerns were instantly pushed aside as Rachel fell apart, beneath him. She loved the feeling of her...